Monday, July 10, 2017

We have a prosthetic!

When I say we, I mean Bella... I mean it's hers but it's ours too, especially mine since I've worked my tail off on this to make it happen and make it happen right. This girl has no idea and that's a-okay. Someday, she'll appreciate me even more... or I can hope.

Today, we drove to Scheck and Siress to pick up her FINAL prosthetic. She has a terminal device and two adaptations. This means nothing to you "non-prosthetic" people. It means everything to her. She's made me promise to keep it a secret and not post ANY pictures until she shows it off at Camp No Limits, which happens on Thursday. The suspense is killing me, I so badly want to share! My promise to my girl means more than that though, so you'll have to wait. You can call her to find out more :) She loves texting, FaceTime and snapchat... all via my phone of course!

(She started young)
Thursday, Camp No Limits Idaho happens. I'm dying inside to get on that plane and go. Camp is like Christmas for me. I get to reunite with people that I love and meet new people that I'll grow to love in just four short days. It's life changing every single time. My heart grows ten fold and it's one of the happiest four days of the year for me. I hope that my kids feel the same.

Be on the lookout for LOTS of updates coming soon. Maybe I'll see if Bella wants to blog about getting her hand. We can at least post for one to release on Thursday night after all the CNL friends have seen it first :)

Upper limb prosthetic friends, be sure to bring your attachments for your sports arms so she can check them out. I can't wait to see all that she learns this year. I wonder if she'll spend any time with us at all. Usually she wonders off with the girls and I see her on Sunday to pick her back up. The joys of camp!
(My how she's changed in a year!)

So yep, in her bag, all set to go are the prosthetic parts! I'm dying on the inside that we actually have them in our house! FINALLY!

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