Thursday, July 20, 2017

Big thanks to all of the volunteers!

A big thank you to all of those that volunteered for Camp No Limits Idaho. Volunteers can truly make or break a camp. They help with occupational therapy, physical therapy, sibling groups, energizers... I mean they help with everything! They take on whatever role they need to in the moment.

Thank you for being adaptable, open minded, compassionate, passionate, caring and kind. Your energy makes all the difference. You all should have seen the volunteers during energizers in the morning, they were all over the place! They danced, they encouraged other campers to dance and siblings too. They created such a great energy at camp for everyone.

As a mother of a camper AND siblings, I appreciate everything you did to help this camp run smoothly. Having the sibling programs makes it possible for me to be part of Bella's therapies and activities. It also allowed me to spend time in parent support group. Missy goes out of her way to have fun activities with the sibling campers! Without all of you, I'm not sure Missy could (or would want to!) handle our two boys in addition to all of the other siblings. Having volunteers helps parents to be more at ease and know that all the siblings are getting plenty of attention AND having plenty of fun! Trust me, the boys had a great time and were telling us all about the activities that you did with them. They truly enjoyed every moment of camp, just as they did in years past!
I enjoyed having you be part of the parent support group as well. As I mother, this year, I learned a tremendous amount about Shriners, insurance and cost of prosthetics. I received support and encouragement from so many parents and volunteers. As a pediatric nursing professor, this also opened my eyes up to life outside of the hospital world. It allows me to see that these kids live full, fulfilled lives with a variety of limb differences and amputations. It allows me to go back and share with my students the things we as nurses should be aware of when dealing with patients and families in these situations. I talked to so many volunteers who said the same thing. I hope this opened your eyes and you'll share this information with your colleagues as well. 

Thank you for pushing our kids. Thank you for lifting them up, for creating trust with them, for encouraging them. Dylan watched Bella use her prosthetic and having him watch her and ask questions meant a lot to her. I only mention that because I was right there when he was there. I know there are a number of you I haven't mentioned by name but that doesn't mean I appreciate you any less. Bella really enjoyed not having me there with her for every moment, Miss Independent. Having volunteers and people other than her parents push her is highly important!

You each really took the time to get to know the campers and talk to them. You created lasting impacts on their lives and our lives. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!!

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