Monday, July 24, 2017

To my Bella Boo


How is it that 8 years ago today I was panicking because I was about to be a mother? I waited for this moment for what seemed like all of my life, yet somehow, I felt so unprepared. I was nervous to be responsible for you, would I give you enough of me? Would I make the right choices as your mother? Would I survive on little to no sleep? Would I produce enough breastmilk? Would you know how much I loved you?

Eight years later, I can say that I've done the best I can as your mother. I've given you all of me at every moment. You are worth it my sweet girl.

Your kindness amazes me. Your continue to think of others before yourself. You are always worried about making people welcome and happy. You have a way with babies, they love you. You make friends every place you go. You are becoming more confident. You are facing your fears. You are reasonable and do a great job expressing what you need from us. You are growing up to be such an amazing little girl. I love watching you interact with babies and how you make silly faces and get them to smile. I love watching you interact with other kids and holding their hand and taking the lead. I love how you tell people about your hand and then continue on with your activity. Watching you with special needs children melts my heart. You are so patient and so sweet. You really are thoughtful in your interactions. I'm so very proud of you. I love going to goodwill with you. I love watching you learn about money and really think hard. I love listening to you read and watching you create. You amaze me.

Happy 8th birthday my love! Thank you for making me a mama. I'm so lucky to be your mama! I'm happy you are my only girl. You make me so proud and I hope I make you proud too. Happy birthday Bella Bug!

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