Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Please don't judge me

This mom thing is tough... like real tough. Sometimes I wish for five seconds that I could just be me and not struggle to meet everyone else's expectations. Let me just give you a little list of the things I've been judged for in my seven short years as a mom:

1. Feeding my kid homemade baby food
2. Letting Luca eat dog food (yes that happened... more than once)
3. Breastfeeding for "too" long... which by the way was only about 14 months for each kid
4. Pumping at work
5. Pumping in the car
6. Pumping in an airport bathroom
7. Not giving my kid soda
8. Giving my kid soda
9. Not going to church
10. Not eating out and giving my kids the "experience" of eating out... which btw is usually awful!
11. Taking my kids to do "too much"
12. Giving my kids "too many" experiences
13. Treating naps like gold
14. Skipping naps
15. An early bedtime (hello ME time!)
16. An early rise time... which btw doesn't change no matter what time we put them to bed
17. Camping so much
18. Not being a certain religion
19. Being "too" open with my kids
20. Using PROPER anatomical names for body parts, yes we call a penis a penis
21. Telling my kids about my period when they asked
22. Telling my kids babies are made when two people love each other
23. Explaining divorce to my kids when they asked
24. Explaining how family can sometimes be chosen and not blood (hello GG and Uncle!)
25. Having my kid sleep in a laundry basket (safe sleep people!)
26. Taking my kid to Hawaii when she was 10 weeks old
27. Letting my kids make messes
28. Not letting my kids make enough messes
29. Always wearing helmets when on bikes
30. Extended rear facing in the car seat
31. Extended 5 pt harness use
32. Expensive car seats
33. Not praying with my kids
34. Co-sleeping
35. Not co-sleeping
36. Spoiling my baby by baby wearing
37. Cloth diapering
38. Hand me down clothes
39. Not enough "new toys"
40. "So many" books
41. Teaching my kids OUR beliefs
42. Developing our own set of morals and values for our kids
43. letting Luca sleep on the floor
44. Throwing too much homework into the recycle bin (yep I sure did do that!)
45. Pulling the kids out of school for vacation (gasp, yes they really can learn from experiences too!)
46.  Do I really need more?

Here's the thing... I'm a mom. This parenting thing didn't come with a handbook. I'm doing the very best I can with the resources that I have available. Trust me, I google the shit out of stuff! Trust me, I collaborate with my variety of mom friends and other resources. Sometimes I fail miserably, like really bad... Sometimes, I rock the shit out of it! Sometimes I'm an amazon prime mom and sometimes I'm a pinterest mom. I'm a-okay with both. I'm being me and I'm being the best I can. Stop judging and start helping instead. Lift up instead of bring down. Please for the love of Pete! STOP JUDGING!

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