Friday, February 24, 2017

Camp No Limits

Camp No Limits has changed their logo and just finished their first camp of the year.  Every time I see pictures from camp, I wish we were there. I KNOW that the people are loving it. The families, parents, kids, siblings, volunteers are all experiencing a life changing event. Seriously, each camp bring something different.

Florida camp is our "home". It's the first camp we experienced, it was also the second. A part of my heart lives at that camp. The families that we grew to love and get excited to see were there. I've watched the siblings and campers grow from that camp. I've watched their families change, experience moves, try new things, add a sibling, adopt... you name it!

Today, I'm feeling a little sad that we missed Florida camp. If it were up to me and I had the money, we'd attend every camp they offer (except sNOw camp because well, snow isn't my thing!). There's something to be learned at every camp. There's friends to be made, there's family to build, there's growth, there's love and there's bonding.

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