Sunday, December 21, 2014

The birth of little Bella

While planning the fall kindergarten party, I met a lovely woman named Amy. Here's her story of how "little Bella" came to life...

"Meet Bella. My son, Samuel, met her this year in Kindergarten and he just adores her (so do I....LOOK at her!)Coincidentally, shortly after I made my first doll with a limb difference, Sarah (Bella's mom) and I were put on a fall party committee together. I don't believe in fate, but the timing was pretty amazing!!!
Samuel has been begging me to make Bella a doll, so Sarah and I decided that she'd have one by the time Bella went to Camp No Limits in January. Unbeknownst to Sarah, her neighbor Sherry (whom I also know) contacted me to make a surprise doll for Bella. Tonight, Sherry and her daughter played Santa Claus (because they couldn't wait any longer) and gave Bella a doll that looks just like her (hand and all  ) Introducing Little Bella...I have been dying to post these pictures of her doll, but I figured that Sarah would figure it out...."

Amy is right, I stalk her page and wondered when it would come up for Bella to have one. I know she's eyes deep in orders right now and I didn't want to overwhelm her by begging at her doorstep for one for my girl. I refrained (which is totally not like me!)

Back track a little... Every day we wait at the bus stop with the neighbors. We've chatted about random things like parents do. Sherry is there with her two elementary school kids. There are such sweet kids and so friendly. Luca is obsessed with their cat :) Anyhow, Sherry reached out to Amy to order a doll for Bella behind my back. Sherry did not know that I had already told Amy that I wanted one and was on the list, I did not know we were coming up the list so soon.

Sherry told me one morning that her daughter got "a little something for Bella for Christmas". I was shocked, what a sweet thing! She asked to bring it over Sunday evening but we weren't home. I told her she could bring it any evening during the work. I was working on a Monday evening when Sherry and her two kiddos stopped over. The details are lost from here, husbands aren't reliable for re-telling stories :) Anyhow, they gave Bella her doll that Amy made with a hand just like Bella's!! Ryan sent me a text with the picture. I almost lost my cool at work, I had to wipe the tears and pull it together quick style. First, Amy didn't tell me we were coming up on the list or that had one in the works for Bella. Second, I had no clue Sherry had contacted Amy, I didn't even know they knew each other! Third, how could a family that we didn't know that well do something so incredibly kind?! I was in complete shock at the whole thing.

That's the birth of our fourth child, Bella's sister, Bella. Who knew I could have two Bella's?! Sometimes one is more than enough :) She's taken up residence in Bella's bed and I kiss her goodnight and tell her good morning. I asked on day one "How did Bella sleep in her new house?" The response, rolled eyes and a groan "Mom, this isn't her NEW house, I mean she's always been a part of our family"... I should've known as much!

So there you have it, Bella and her sister Bella. I'll try to get a picture on the blog soon. She's adorable! Well made, perfect features, crazy hair, a cute little outfit, just like our Bella. Two peas in a pod!

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