Monday, November 17, 2014


Being a part of the limb different community is nothing short of incredible. Of course it's scary when you first find out as a parent that your child has a limb difference. I've written before about the many emotions that I felt. It's like a tidal wave, ups and downs initially. Then you reach out for guidance, for support and get scooped up by the many families who have children with limb differences and adults that have limb differences that are making a difference in the lives of children.

When Bella was a few years old, a mom named Stacy reached out to me. She and her husband Jon were pregnant with a son who would be born with a limb difference. His name is Logan. We've emailed back and forth and became friends on Facebook. I feel like I know their family. On Friday, we got a package in the mail from their family, a shirt in Bella's favorite color, a card with adorable little owls and a handwritten note from Stacy and money for us to go to Camp. Bella immediately had to wear the shirt and sported it all over town. The note is in her purse. This is just one of the many examples of our community. I hope that someday we'll get to meet their sweet little family. For now, I stalk their Facebook for pictures of their wide-eyed smiley guy. He reminds me a bit of Grayson with his giant eyes, I love it! They just so happen to live in North Carolina, a place that Ryan and I have never been. Maybe there will be a vacation sometime in our future to meet the three of them!

I'm here to support our community in any way that I can. I've talked to several moms on the phone about our experiences and Bella. If it helps them, it's worth it. It's a small difference that I hope to make in our community of children with limb differences. For now, I hope that we have a new pen pal. Snail mail is the best! I guess you could say I'm a tiny bit old fashioned :)

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