Thursday, November 6, 2014

I just emailed Miss Iowa

There was a post by Molly, the mom that started the Lucky Fin Project, about Miss Iowa coming to Wisconsin. Nicole Kelly is a beautiful example of what all women should be, smart, beautiful and confident. I think all girls should have someone that they can look up to as a role model. Bella is blessed to have so many positive role models in her life! The thing that I've found about the limb difference community is that all of the girls and women older than Bella are happy to guide and help her in any way that they can. To describe it as amazing would be an understatement. To have girls and women that are like her is important. They know how to do things that I can't teach her, like tie shoes or button buttons. They also know how to teach her how to deal with the tough situations, the questions, the curiosity. I can guide her in all of these situations but since I was born with both hands there are just some things that I don't know how exactly to guide her. Having these people in our lives is important.

So I emailed Nicole and asked her to come to speak to Bella's school or to have dinner with us. I would LOVE the opportunity for Bella to meet yet another incredible role model. Nicole is on a mission to speak to schools and help them grow and learn. This is a tremendous thing for her to do. To go on a "stage" in front of little curious children, full of curiosity, full of questions, full of excitement. I have no doubt that they can be greatly impacted by her. She has the ability to shape and influence these kids in a great way. To show them to be confident, to go in the direction of their dreams, to be kind and understanding. I'm hoping Bella gets to witness first hand what Miss Kelly has to offer!

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