Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Mom, what kinds of kids did you take care of today?"

I got off work yesterday and Bella came running down the hall and jumped into my arms. She had already been in bed and came out to greet me. I had a rough day at work and this just made the entire day melt away in my mind. Nothing else seemed to matter except this 5 year old who's arms were around my neck and legs were around my body. Her body was pressed to mine like a big koala bear. My day floated away and I soaked in this moment. She asked me to come cuddle her in her room. Usually I'm hungry and exhausted, last night, I needed that moment with my girl.

I carried her "like a tiny baby" as she requested and plopped her back into bed. I covered her up then snuggled in next to her. As I snuggled next to her she asked "Mom what kinds of kids did you take care of today?" I proceeded to tell her a little bit about my day. We talked about what we in the pediatric nursing world call "special needs" kids. I explained that some kids I take care of can't talk or walk. She said "Mom there's a girl at my school that's like that, she's in a wheelchair and doesn't talk". We'll call her Kyra.

"Mom, I know a girl at school named Kyra and she's like those kids. Do you talk to them?"

"Yep I talk to them but they don't talk back. Sometimes they laugh or smile or even giggle.  You can still talk to them and smile at them even if they don't talk." I told her.

"Yeah I sometimes I say Hi Kyra. She doesn't smile or do anything she just sits in her wheelchair" Bella replied.

"Well that's really nice honey. She may not smile but I'm sure she hears you and that probably makes her happy to have you talking to her."

"Mama, when I grow up I want to be a nurse like you and take care of kids. I want to work at the same exact place as you. We can go to lunch together and ride to work together. We can have the same days off and do things together on our days off.

"Well that would be awesome. I would love working with you and having you take care of kids with me!"

It's moments like these, when your kids have your full attention and are asking what seem like simple questions that you should take full advantage of. Yes, I was hungry. Yes, I was exhausted. All that mattered in that moment was my daughter and the questions and excitement that filled her mind. It's times like these that I get to teach her about my life outside of my most important job, motherhood. I'm a pediatric nurse and was long before she came into my life. Nursing is a passion that I love and adore and I can't imagine who I am or what I would be without it. I'm glad I get to teach her why I work and what I do. I'm glad she has questions and I'm able to answer them. I want her to spread her wings and grow into something she loves and is passionate about. 

Baby girl, I hope your life is full beyond measure with love and passion! 

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