Friday, August 28, 2015

"That's cool"

The same day we were at the park and the incident happened, something positive also happened. Bella had been playing with the girl who was scared and another little girl came up.

"What happened to your hand?" she asked.

"I was born this way" Bella responded

"That's cool!" she said and her and Bella went to play...

Just like that something negative had happened and then this happened. I try to be more of an observed and let my kids handle situations on their own. Then if I need to, I can step in.

As we loaded into the car, Bella said "Mom a girl at the park called my hand COOL and that's NEVER happened before, it was AWESOME! That's the first time anyone has every said my hand was cool!"

"Wow, seriously?! that is AWESOME! " I looked back from the front seat with a smile. I was fighting the tears. This little girl had no idea how she made my daughter feel. She had no idea that she left a print on my daughter's soul that will forever remain. I wanted to get out of the car and hug that girl but instead I drove away with music playing. Bella had the biggest smile on her face.

As we tucked her into bed that night, she mentioned the little girl who called her hand cool. "Mom that was so awesome that she thought my hand was cool. No one has ever said that before!" We talked about how it made her feel and how the little girl thought she was cool because she was different. She went to bed smiling and thinking about her positive experience at the park.

Life is funny like that. I constantly try to remind myself that I don't know the battle that others are fighting and sometimes saying hello or smiling could make someone else's day. This little girl made my Bella's day!

*Stay tuned for more to come on us fundraising for a little guy named BRANDON to go to Camp No Limits*

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  1. If by some strange coincidence you see that little girl again, tell her what she did was nice. People need to be encouraged to continue to say good things. I'm so happy that she spoke her mind in a positive way. Happy for our girl most of all!


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