Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Loving life

We've been busy loving life at the Zizzo house. With 3 little kids, there are never any empty moments, constant laughter, occasional crying, tantrums, bumps, bruises, endless giggling, hugs, kisses, singing songs, dancing, making up songs then laughing about their silliness, snuggling, messes... the list goes on. It's crazy love over here! I can't imagine it any other way!

There's been a lull in the blog because of everything going on. Sometimes computers, cell phones, electronics must be put on hold so that life can be lived. Usually I have times in the evenings to update the blog but lately with a baby that cut four teeth in month, that lull of quiet time hasn't happened. Babies grow up, I've been busy snuggling babies!

Things are happening here. Life is in high gear. Camp is approaching quickly! Our application has been accepted and our spots have been reserved. We're sorting through sleeping arrangements for camp with the director. It's a little bit challenging and interesting but it'll be so much fun. They will be action packed days for sure! We're working on our flights too, watching airfare and getting ready to book in the next week. We have rental cars to figure out and all that good stuff. Traveling with 3 kids in car seats will be entertaining, we'll likely look like our own traveling circus! Heck we are our own traveling circus. We bring the animals in the form of tiny toddlers and a very mobile baby and Ryan and I are the animal tamers... wait or are we the animals and they are the tamers...

I've been helping prep for the bike run that Gary and Kathy Wetzel are doing. Random odds and ends of stuff to just make sure things go smoothly. I'm so excited. I'm also a little nervous. Let's be honest. My dad was a big time, hard core, rough and tough Harley biker. He lost his leg riding his Harley and never lost his love of the wind through his hair and the rumble at his feet. Bikers and motorcycles remind me of my dad. Sometimes I must fight back the tears when I hear the roar of their motors. It's hard to disconnect. Sometimes it brings back the good memories of him and our relationship. We loved each other madly. He was my first love, he set a good example of what to look for in a man. Anyhow, all of the motorcycles will surely trigger some of those memories. Gary reminds me a lot of my dad. Rough around the edges but soft in the middle, heart of gold. I think my dad had a hand in connecting Gary and our family.

The ride will happen this Saturday at Oak Creek Legion Post 434
Registration from 10-1pm
$10 per person
Cash prizes, raffle and poker run.
All vehicles and bikes are welcome! Bring your car, truck, motorcycle, minivan :) Come one, come all!

If you stop by, be sure to say hi. I'll be there most of the day and during the full registration time. Our entire family will be there for at least the first hour. Bella will be returning around 6 pm and staying until about 7:30 or so. Join us, we'd love to see you!

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