Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Fox 6 news ran our story with Gary. Click here to watch I didn't get to watch the story on the news, life as usual was busy. I honestly forgot it was even scheduled to air. Being parents of three kids sometimes makes your mind wander to the daily tasks and lose track of other things. The interview was so impromtu. I met Gary and Kathy to pick up some flyers about the bike run and a Fox 6 reporter was there with a camera man. We chatted then they asked if they could follow us home to talk more. My first thought was "holy crap, our house is complete craziness right now". I figured what the heck, why not talk to them a little more if they were interested.

I found the article online without the video. I emailed Mike, the awesome reporter. He responded that it was live so I found it. I watched it during a break at work. I cried. I was emotional during the interview. I was emotional again today watching and reliving it all again. I get attached, I wear my heart on my sleeve, I get emotional. It's part of the strands that weave me together. I was emotional hearing more about Gary and his accident. I was emotional watching my child talk and giggle. I'm living it daily but sometimes it's nice to take a step back and soak it all up.

Yes our house is complete craziness, that day and every day. We have three kids who are little, they need lots of attention. Attention that we want to give them. Part of the reason our house is crazy is because we live in the moment. We get on the floor and play with our kids, we wrestle, we giggle, we color, we build. We do all of the things that little kids want to do. Laundry and cleaning go by the side at times, they'll always be there... little kids, they grow up. We embrace each day and live to the fullest.

Our kids teach us something every single day. Bella is the one that made me a mama, she is the child that taught me that even though I had thought I had loved to the fullest, I had not... When you have a child of your own, your heart explodes with love. It's incredible. Grayson taught me that I could love someone else again like I loved her. Luca, he taught me that your heart can never be too full of love and that there is always room for more. The laughter in the video, that's my girl. The little chubby guy on my lap, he's our last and the happiest baby I've ever met. The one in the middle, he admires his sister like no other. He lives and breathes to be around her.

In that video, I watch myself fighting the tears. My babies make me emotional. Being a mom, makes me emotional. Having Gary and Kathy reach out to help our family, that makes me emotional too.

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