Friday, February 12, 2016


Bella and I were at the store picking up some stuff for dinner (am I the only one who has everything exept ONE key ingredient, ugh!) and as we were leaving she noticed a boy in a wheelchair.

"Mom, he could go to my camp"

"Really why do you think that?"
"Well because he can't walk and it's for all kids that are different. He could make some friends there"

"Good thought Boo! Last summer remember that girl we saw at the park and I told her parents about Camp No Limits"

"No who was she? Do you think she'll be there?"

"Remember she was born missing part of her leg?"

"Well if she does go, I can be friends with her" We both smiled and then started talking about Sam Hunt (this kid is obsessed with his music!).

Bella is always really thoughtful about kids AND adults who are born different or appear different. She WANTS them to come to camp. I think it's hard for her to verbalize but in my mind, she wants them to have somewhere they can be accepted. Camp is somewhere where everyone is friendly and welcoming.It's somewhere everyone is accepted and by everyone, I mean EVERYONE. Parents, siblings and campers all feel special at camp. We all feel included. There are special parents group and sibling groups. I think she wants people to feel the love that she feels there.It's a special place.

AND we have officially submitted our application for camp for this year! We are hoping that Ryan's vacation days get approved for camp at the end of July. Bella doesn't know yet because it's the week after her birthday. Talk about an awesome birthday celebration! So if you know us, keep this a little secret from the best ears in our house :)

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