Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bikers for Bella

My brother is heading up a motorcycle run to raise funds for Bella's camp this saturday. My brother may look rough and tumble but he's the guy that would give you the shirt off of his back. He's more reserved than I am but he's also a lot funnier than me once you bring him out of his shell.

It's starting at my dad's old hang out, Tool Shed in Independence. I'm sure he'll be proud to see his son doing something for his niece and bringing my dad's friends into play too. We're all hoping for a great turnout! I know my dad will be watching down laughing at all the madness that ensues with his buddies and other bikers. My dad was no fair weather rider, he rode his Harley in rain, sleet, snow, you name it. My step dad is the same way.

It's a poker run, driver costs $25 and passengers are $10. Of course, prizes at the end for the best hand. Register at 9am, kick stands up by 10:30. Spend your Saturday morning raising funds for a good cause and starting your day off right!

Come show your support for Bella and my brother!

(on a side note, how sweet is that picture of my baby (ok so physically he's WAY bigger than me!) brother with his teeny tiny string bean niece? Brings me back to that day, even after having kids of his own, he was a nervous nelly to hold my little ladybug)

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  1. ahhh.. what a great picture!! The Poker run was a great sucess and a lot of fun!! there were drive in shots and toast to Bella all the way around. Some of those bikers were really rough looking but man do they have HUGE hearts. I met a lot of people that were great, and heard great stories about Bella's PaPa. What a great day!!! and I loved at the end ot the ride, everyone stepped on it and the race was on.. plus the sound of the motors roaring.. it was awesome!! Colleen won first place with four 6's and Toi won for worse hand. Everyone was so kind and caring!!! I could feel your Dad there Sarah!! Your brother did a great ride!!


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